Monday, April 26, 2010

Magazine 'AFAR' Real Life In Paradise!

The tourism related magazine 'AFAR' in a recent release prominently covered the Seychelles Islands on its front cover and affording 10 pages to the other side of the paradise that is the Seychelles Islands.

Prominent among those being interviewed was Mr. Ralph Volcere, editor of Le Nouveau Seychelles Weekly, who is as well the current political head of the New Democratic Party or NDP. The NDP was originally the Democratic Party or DP, which was founded by former President Mancham and former government minister and labour leader, David Joubert. The party briefly led the republic in a coalition in the 1970's.

The article in this current editon of AFAR covers the side of the Seychelles affected by a bad economy, corruption in government, and funds mismanaged.

Despite this however the article also points out to an underlying sense of positive optimism of the people despite the hardships!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Press Release - From State House - Victoria -Seychelles

Please find below a press release.

Srdjana Janosevic

Press Secretary
Office of the President

P O Box 55, State House, Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles
Tel: (248) 295706 Fax: (248) 225067
Mobile: (248)722410




Following the presentation of the report on the review of the Constitution to the President by the Constitutional Review committee Chairman, Mr. Francis Chang-Sam earlier this year, the President has mandated the Attorney General to undertake the process of re-drafting of various laws that pre-date our Constitution as well as to begin the work needed to amend those sections of the Constitution that need updating.

The Attorney General, Mr. Ronny Govinden, has explained that a two-track approach will be followed. In the first instance there are a number of laws that need to be updated or clarified in the light of the provisions of the Constitution. Mr. Govinden explained that in many cases there was a general consensus on the need for this update and the AG’s office would submit the proposed amendments in due course for the consideration of the National Assembly over the course of the year 2010. In other cases, further debate at a national level may be required.

In the second instance many of the recommendations of the Committee concern the content of the Constitution itself. As the procedures for modification of the Constitution involve either a 2/3 majority in the Assembly or in some cases a referendum, there is a need to ensure that proposed changes undergo further consultation and discussion to ensure that proposals meet the will of the people.

The Office of the President will be making the report public on its website as of Thursday 1st April 2010 and will be inviting members of the public to make their suggestions and contributions in writing to the Attorney General.

The report can be consulted at and written submissions should be sent addressed to the Attorney General, National House, P.O Box 58, Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles.

The Attorney General will compile the different suggestions in the context of the report and propose a ‘document for discussion’ which can then be discussed at a wider level.

As part of the process, the Attorney general will undertake a national consultation exercise in 2011 on the basis of the ‘document for discussion’. This is in line with the recommendation of the report that the public at large be given more opportunity to comment on proposed changes and amendments.

The president has reiterated his thanks to the members of the Constitutional Review Committee for their diligence in producing the report which is a key means for strengthening the institutions of the Republic.

“The Constitution is the voice of our nation, and it is our responsibility as a nation to ensure that we uphold its principles in all that we do. The process of review is one which enhances our democratic values and allows the Seychellois people to participate in the shaping of the laws that govern us” the President added.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Man Of Many Hats! Too Much On His Plate?

Even In Retirement This Former President Looms Large Over All!

Seychelles continues to be in CRISIS MODE! Even as this government reports imporvements and decrease of inflation. On the ground however the reality is different! If only our president would take some time to just listen to others!

James Michel - Leader of People's Party/ Parti LePep

James Michel - Minister of Foreign Affairs

James Michel - Minister of Defense

James Michel - Does He Run Internal Affairs Still?

James Michel - President of the Republic of Seychelles

Will you vote for him again when he runs again this time with Danny Faure as his VP?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Former President Gets 30 Years For His Role In Coup!

Seychellois - History has recorded and noted the past events of our young republic. We all know the reasons evoked for the rape and pillage of our Constitution by our then prime minister, Albert Rene. According to his reasoning he came to the 'rescue' of the people saving us from an assured 'dictatorship' of President James Mancham! 'Playboy'! 'President for Life'! 'Corrupt Practices'! Were but some of the reasons that the prime minister told us were the justifications for the revolution brought on by patriots of the people's militia, removing Mancham and by popular demand, and annointing Rene caretaker president until the new regime could be 'legalised'! We all know that the reasons for the coup as dreamt up by none other than Albert Rene were false and nothing but lies! As a result of the 'Rene Revolution' Seychelles suffered loss of life! Citizens never to be seen again! False imprisonments! Exile! Forced acquisition of personal properties! And a move towards a socialist autocratic rule! Rene appointed himself defacto ruler via manipulated 'popular elections' and set about to rule the country with an iron fist! Nothing lasts forever and one day the truth will be officially recognised, and those who conspired with Rene will have to answer to the Republic and the people. No amount of titles or laws enacted by the regime of the SPUP/SPPF/PP will bar the truth from coming to the surface! Our true history will not be denied and the truth will be known and appreciated by all! - T.L. Laurence

Montevideo, Uruguay -- A court sentenced former Uruguayan President Juan Maria Bordaberry to 30 years in prison on Wednesday for the coup that consolidated his power in 1973 and for human rights violations.

Judge Mariana Mota convicted Bordaberry of violating the constitution, nine counts of "forced disappearance" and two counts of political homicide.

Bordaberry, 81, had already been under house arrest since 2007 for the killings of two opposition legislators in 1976.

Bordaberry assumed office in 1972 following an election that has since been questioned. In 1973, he backed a military coup that kept him in power, and dissolved congress and suspended the country's constitution. The military pushed him out in favor of another leader in 1976. Source CNN

Updates Shortly! 2010 Is An Integral Year For The Defeat Of The SPUP/SPPF/PP Ruling Party

Yes Dear Seychellois! If ever there was a moment in time for a truly free and democratic Seychelles then 2010 must be the year! Behind the scenes events have been monitored and we note the drastic attempts of the ruling party of Albert Rene to 'reform' and 'redefine' itself as it gears up to once again hold on to the State House and government in the coming elections! To deny them this we must as Seychellois - no matter where we are or opposition party affiliation, we must unite on a common platform, a 'National Platform for Democracy' with the aim, singular aim, of unseating President Michel and his cohorts within the PP!

Stay tuned!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Much To Do! Change On Its Way.

Greetings all! Seychellois both within our beloved country and without are growing more and more anxious as this year comes to a close. Indeed the ruling party the SPPF/PP is feeling the pinch. The president, James Michel, realises by now that he has taken on too much or eaten more than he can chew as the old saying goes.

He, James Michel, may be contemplating calling 'snap' elections for the presidency in the hopes that this will ensure an 'easy' victory for him and continued residency at State House.

Not so. This time around and unlike the last elections, more water has flowed under the bridge, with citizens fully appreciating that yes indeed, the SPPF led regime, is dispensible and can be replaced.

A growing under current of disenchanted folks from both sides of the political aisle are appreciating that yes they can influence and make significant changes without adhering to the set political structures currently in play.

Politics in Seychelles has grown old and stale under the watch of the SPPF/PP. Time for change indeed and it is coming!

Stay tuned! -T.L.Laurence

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Telling Jokes About Presidents Just Got Riskier!

(AJustSeychelles) From Our Latest Tweet on Twitter! The President of Pakistan is making it illegal to tells jokes about him! Should we start jokes on President Michel (PP) Of Seychelles? -less than 5 seconds ago from web